Equipment Range


Our Classic Whiteware crockery range is provided by Churchill, a UK manufacturer of 200 years, providing quality and excellence in the provision of extra durable tableware for the food service industry. The Classic Whiteware range offers flatware elegance in wide rimmed Classic shaped plates.

The range includes 6” 8” 10" and 11” plates , soup plates, 11” pasta plates, 12” wide rimmed bowls, 4” square bowls, 13” rectangular plates, sauce boats, self stacking mugs, soup bowls & liners, dessert dishes, tea and coffee cups with saucers, butter pads, sugar bowls, milk jugs and salt and pepper pots.


Our traditional bead cutlery compliments our classic white crockery range, providing an elegant setting.

The range includes starter, soup, table and dessert settings of knives, forks and spoons, plus tea, coffee and serving spoons.

For those special occasions, Puccini our fine quality cutlery offers clean styling, comfort and balance with its highly polished tear shaped handle which is highlighted by the Sant Andrea quality touch mark on each piece.


Our standard glassware includes Saxon  6, 8 and 12oz wine glasses and 5.5 oz champagne flutes. Hi Ball (Slim Jims) tumblers are available in 8,10, or 12 oz sizes.

For those special occasions Cabernet glassware is available in 6oz, 8oz, 12oz and 16oz, wine glasses and 5.5 oz champagne flutes.

Other glassware items include, water jugs, whisky tumblers, hi-ball bubble glasses, 8oz glass coffee mugs, martini glasses, beer and ISO Tasting glasses.


Our range of white or black table linen is available in round, rectangular or square options. Our white linen is based on the popular Ivyleaf design, and our black linen is polycotton. We also offer white or black napkins. 


Banqueting, conference and folding chairs are available along with rectangular (trestle style) and round tables for all events. Childrens high chairs, poseur tables, coatrails & Hangers, Outdoor bistro tables and chairs are also available.

Kitchen Equipment

We now offer various items of Kitchen equipment, including Hot cupboards, Turbofan ovens, plate warmers, deep fat fryers, Jack stands, BBQs, undercounter fridge units and gastronome trays.

Other Items

We also carry other items in our range including Beverage Pots, Cafetieres and Chafing dishes, coffee perculators, slate platters, salt & pepper mill sets, and other items for table and buffet services.

Contact us for details of our full range, we can source additional items on request