Affordable Prices

Our affordable prices allow small events or functions the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of hiring catering equipment.

Prices start at:

 £1.56 per dozen plus VAT 
 £1.50 per 10 pieces plus VAT 
 £1.50 per 10 pieces plus VAT 

Delivery Service

Our service provides you with a standard three day or weekly hire period, with delivery and collection. Hired crockery and cutlery are delivered in plastic moulded boxes with lids that can be nest stacked for storage when not in use. Glassware is delivered in lightweight rigid fluted crates that are also stackable for easy storage.

Wash Up Service

We offer a wash up service, providing you with the opportunity to return your equipment to us dirty, all we ask is that you remove excess food material and place the equipment back in the storage boxes we have provided.

These prices are subject to a washing charge if the washing service is utilised. A delivery and collection charge is applied subject to the delivery area.